Jan. 1, 2019 Local 197 referral rules change and the results of Jobs filled will be listed here by Last name and position on the Book.

As of March 22, 2019:

Inside Book 1---43

Inside Book 2---

Teledata Book 1---0

Teledata Book 2---2

Residential Book 1---0

Residential Book 2---0




Date Contractor Awarded To Book# and Position
03/04/19  Oberlander Electric B. Mulcahey,D. Erschen  Short Call Book
03/14/19 Weber Electric C. Moore  Short Call Book
03/18/19 Weber Electric
J. Goar
 Short Call Book
03/18/19 Anderson Electric J. Roig, R. Holland, M. Wall  Short Call Book
03/20/19 Weber Electric D. Erschen Short Call Book
03/20/19 AAK Mechanical C. Riddle Book 1 - #29 (Foreman callout)
 03/25/19  Fleming  W. Mulcahey  Book 1 - #34