Electrical Contractors

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For a list of all the union contractors of the trades in McLean County click here.

Whether you need an electrician for a residential, commercial, industrial, agriculture, or low voltage project please use a LOCAL contractor listed below:  

Residential/Commercial/Industrial Sign Teledata

Anderson Electric  309-828-4422

Cell Electric   309-261-4148

Emmett-Scharf Electric  309-664-1111

Heartland Electric  309-808-1560
Livey Electric 309-827-2625
Palmer Electric 309-747-3176
Stinde Electric 309-365-7701 

Weber Electric 309-827-7337

Wm. Masters Electric 309-662-8481

Legacy Solar 309-222-7831

Super Sign Service 309-829-9241

Solar Contractors
Cell Electric 309-261-4148
Legacy Solar 309-222-7831
Wilcox Electric & Service 309-452-7099
Heartland Electric 309-808-1560